>Today’s New Band – GILDA BLISS

>The only printed magazine I bother reading is Viz. It’s a comic ostensibly aimed at adults featuring solely puerile humour. One of its characters, Ravey Davey Gravy, features it’s ‘hero’ in all manner of mundane situations – testing doorbells, walking past bleeping burglar alarms – and finding enough Rinsin’ Choonage in the sounds have Have It Large. If there is a point to all this idiocy (and this is stretching it) it is that humans love repetitive noise. It’s been well documented in less toilet humour-inclined publications.

Today’s New band, Gilda Bliss, is aware of the power of the same sounds coming at you again and again and again. The music isn’t anything that would get Davey’s motor running – their aren’t anywhere near enough BPMs to encourage the breaking out of whistles and glo-sticks – but it is a powerful force used to create spookily evocative aural pleasure. Fnarrr, fnarrr. (Damn you, Viz.)

Dead Dog Dad has a similar Zen-by-noisy-repetition effect to My Bloody Valentine’s infamous ‘holocaust’ ending to their live shows, except this time, you can simply turn it down when it gets too much, instead of holding your hands over your ears and weeping for 25 minutes. Dead Dog Dad phases in and out, over and over, like a sound-wave experiment you might have done in Physics at school. Like any repetitive noise, initial curiosity is followed by weariness, which is then followed by a zoned-out feeling of security.

It’s this feeling that Gilda Bliss seems use his music to have a good rummage around in, with other sound-slabs, Small Imperfectly Formed and The Mistake also rolling out of the speakers like an audio fog. You won’t be dancing, but you will be feeling overwhelming feelings of calm, or creeping horror., or both. Great. Listen to Gilda Bliss’ repeato-noise here!

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