>TREMBLE IN FEAR! Brand New A.N.B.A.D. Radio Show!

>Wow! Just like Buses, you wait for one A New Band A Day Radio Show, and then none come along, and then you wait longer, and still one doesn’t come, and then it rains and you get grumpy, and then you think you see a bus, but it’s actually a lorry, and then finally, another one comes.

So here it is! Here’s what’s great about this new A New Band A Day Radio Show:

  1. Features great bands like lovely Pavement-y rockers Dinosaur Pile-Up, The most lo-fi band ever Heartbeeps and bangin’ choon-merchants Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.
  2. It’s exactly 3 minutes 16 seconds longer than the last one – that’s 3m16s of EXTRA superness!*

*Depending on your definition of the word ‘super’.

So LISTEN NOW! Click the ‘Play’ button below and treat yourself to a tour through a bunch of the greatest new bands! You’ve read about them, now listen to them!

More great new bands all week!

Love, Joe

(If you’re reading this in the A.N.B.A.D. email, you’ll need to visit the site to listen, but do it – it’s worth it, promise)

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