>Today’s New Band – Hiawata!

>It seems that we’re taking a virtual road trip around Northern Europe this week on A New Band A Day. A road trip, that is, without the casual sex, drunken debauchery and gradually itchier genitalia of a real one. Yesterday, we had Poland’s wonderfully er, beepy, MISTER BEEP, and prior to that it was the turn of Sweden’s brilliantly-chorussed Envelopes. So, taking a swift detour to Norway seems a perfectly reasonable turn of events, assuming you can afford to pay the exorbitant beer prices.

And, to continue a tortuous theoretical-journey-theme, joining us in Oslo is Today’s New Band, Hiawata! They’re a part Teenage Fanclub, part Belle and Sebastian, and all-super. Listen to their Song, Animal, and bask in the lovely ringing guitars and harmonised choruses. Then, when you’re done swooning in delight, cower in fear as they threaten to “make you forget everything that you said, cos I’ll love you like an animal”, which is disturbingly close in intent to W.A.S.P.’s ludicrous hit, Animal (Fuck Like A Beast).

Their other songs follow a similarly endearing jangly-guitar template, which is a good thing. It’s funny when music from outside a country’s ‘scene’ creeps in, insidiously – there’s a hint of the tabloid-loving skinny-jeaned brigade’s sound in some songs – but it always gets distilled through another country’s musical sensibilities, and in Hiawata!‘s case, it works like a charm. Have a butcher’s at their summery sounds here!

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