>Today’s New Band – Grandmaster Gareth

>Brevity, as anyone who has sat through the full-length version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird will testify, can be merciful. I’ve had power naps shorter than Freebird. Freebird is so long that you could boil three eggs, one after another, whilst listening to it. You could boil two of them during the guitar solo. If you did this at a Lynyrd Skynyrd gig, by the end of the song, you’d have enough hard-boiled eggs to throw one at each band member – which is useful, and eco-friendly.

Today’s New Band, Grandmaster Gareth, however, could play a bare minimum of 10 songs during the same amount of time. Grandmaster Gareth, you see, specialises in one-minute long songs. He calls them, suitably enough, ‘Minute Melodies’. Remarkably, although each song is only 60-ish seconds long, each seems fully formed as a song, with snippets of stories, super tunes and a fearsome sense of fun will invade your ears. Most of the melodies in his songs are so super-duper that many a musician would expand them into a full song. Not Gareth, though, who has realised that short ‘n’ sweet means that the songs are always regarded as tasty morsels – musical tapas, if you will.

Listen to all of the songs on his Myspace page – go on, it’ll only take 6 minutes – and chuckle with glee at the wall-to-wall diversity of his musical treats. Dr. Dre’s imagined tussles with the mundanity of life pop up as a reoccurring theme in his songs, with Dr Dre Gets Complacent only rivalled by Dr. Dre Buys A Pint Of Milk for true every-day Gangsta status. Organs, brass, computer noise samples, old clips from films and TV shows are all tossed into the mix and out pops a mini fairground meisterwerk each time. Grandmaster Gareth: touched by musical genius – but only for a minute. Listen to his songs here!

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