>May’s Top Five New Bands Featured On A New Band A Day.com – Round-Up!

>COWER! before the fabulousness of A New Band A Day’s Top Five Bands In May! SHRIEK! at the collected glory of bleeps, buzzes and crunch-noises! CRAP YOURSELF! as you wonder whether any more New Band fabulousness could be CRAMMED into one post!

May was one gosh-darn heck of a month for new bands here on A New Band A Day, and here is our thoughtful, much-pondered-over and not-at-all-cobbled-together list, featuring our Top Five Bands of the Month!

Unfortunately for you ranking-enthusiasts, these are listed in no particular order:

1) HNTR HNTRFabulously mental noise freak-mageddon

We said: sounds like what you’d hear if you were mummified in custard whilst being beaten to death with spanners”

2) Genod DroogSunny, mildly crackers Welsh hip-Hop

We said:reeks of summertime and would sound best if heard sitting a sunny Welsh field, sipping a cider”

3) Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursBrilliant, carnivorous bleepy tunes

We said: try listening to Dinosaurs Having a Party without picturing the stumpy-armed scaly guys bopping around a swamp to the clunky Bontempi-keyboard noises”

4) Dinosaur Pile-Up – Third in the superb trio of Dino-gimmick bands

We said: enough to make you as giddy as a 10 year old girl watching Hannah Montana – The 3D Movie.”

5) Picture Books in Winter – May’s BAND OF THE MONTH!

We said: “I’ve always had a talent for arts and crafts”, they proclaim over the lolloping guitar line, whilst musing about ex-Blue Peter tea-time-trouser-troubler Konnie Huq. It’s unusual to hear a song which is so wonderfully idiosyncratic from such a new band”

So congratulations to Picture Books in Winter, who by all accounts are destined for big things.

And – as if life couldn’t get any more groin-tighteningly exciting, a BRAND NEW radio show will spring itself in your direction any day now!

Last month’s round-up, featuring bands like the ace Like A Stuntman, The Brownies and Band o’ The Month Pixel H8 is right here!

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