>Today’s New Band – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

>Regular readers of A New Band A Day will know that there few criteria to being selected to feature. Firstly, great tunes are a must, obviously. Actually – that’s the extent of the criteria. The only additional ‘rule’ is that a terrific, hopefully comic name, preferably pun-laden, will pretty much seal the deal. It certainly worked for previous New Band, the LOL-tastic Ice, Sea, Dead People.

Introducing, then, today’s new band, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.This is probably a good point to mention that T.E.E.D. aren’t just a band with a novelty name – they’re not Kajagoogoo, you know. Instead, they’re a band with a great name and a great bunch of bleep-tunes on their MySpace page. Listen to them here, and try listening to Dinosaurs Having a Party without picturing the stumpy-armed scaly guys bopping around a swamp to the clunky Bontempi-keyboard noises.

In fact, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaursare all about having a whale (or should that be “a Basilosaurus“?) of a time. Let Me Tell You is an even better track, punching an insistent, droning shudder of a blee-ee-ee-ee-eep along to a banger of a beat. This song is worthy of being played repeatedly at anyone’s house party, dinosaur-related fancy-dress themes or not. Get Carnivorous!

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