>Today’s New Band – Tent

>Mmm, camping. My last experience in a tent was at Glastonbury 2007 , and while I wasn’t shivering, soaking wet under a tree, scooping wet food into my mouth trying to keep warm whilst listening indifferently to the music being played, I was vomiting into black bin bags in my tent, having hilariously contracted sickness and diarrhea. Not great times, but memorable at least.

So to make New York’s Tent today’s New Band Of The Day was a minor, slightly pathetic, personal triumph of eschewing awful canvas-related memories from my mind. Still, it was worth it, because Tent make some great music. Stop and Go is alternately dense and sparse, with thin drifting vocals – and Tight Squeeze is similar, basic and minimal but coupled with a dreamy vocal melody.

In some ways Tent are like a groovier version of Kings of Convenience, but without any of the blandness that that may imply. Their music is a tightly contorting glide, slightly spaced-out and wide-eyed. I’d be tempted to describe it as techno-folk if that didn’t sound like the worst genre of music of all time. Perhaps the best thing to do is to listen to it for yourself at their MySpace page.

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