>Today’s New Band – The Muscle Club

>A New Band A Day Towers has been a bit of a biohazard zone this week. First there was the tinnitus, which was followed by similarly excruciating Public-Enemy-induced pulled calf muscle, and then most of Thursday was spent at home nursing a cold, thus enjoying plenty of hot baths, lemony drinks and hours browsing through back issues of Playboy. If that list of ailments sounds frankly pathetic, that’s because it is. Clearly, I’m not fit to face the real world and meet it head on. I need to buff up and GET MANLY.

If you think that this talk of fitness and gymwork is all building towards a tenuous link to Today’s New Band, you’d be stupefyingly, depressingly right. And so, to continue ignorantly in this vein, Today’s New Band, The Muscle Club, surely never would whinge about minor illnesses like that. Not that they’re so rock-hard that they don’t feel pain, but by the sounds of songs like I’ve Never Read Anything and Alright OK You Win, they’re just too busy joyfully joining in in huge, shoutalong choruses to even tell if they’re ill or not.

The songs build from the get-go, as if the whole purpose of their existence is to be a springboard for the big chorus, which then pounds the listener into submission the fun way, until refraining from singing along isn’t even an option anymore. If you like putting your arms around people and howling along to choruses in nightclubs, this band is for you. Actually, with those parameters in mind you may well also be an Oasis fan, in which case, The Muscle Club are definitely for you – it’s time to leave 1994 behind now.

Listen to their songs at their Myspace page (and download their demo FOR FREE!) here!

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