>HOLY CRAP! A New Radio show, at last!

>Finally, after a bewildering number of mishaps involving an irksome computer, days of apathy induced by the sunny weather, and 200,000 Glasgow Rangers fans, it’s finally here – the latest A New Band A Day Radio Show!

Ably assisted by my cohort Jamie, we ploughed through a whole load of the best bands that have been on A New Band A Day in the past week or so, including PixelH8, Genod Droog and loads more, with hilarious* results. It sounds a bit like it was recorded in an echo chamber, which is almost entirely true, but that’s just part of it’s intrinsic charm. Anyway, click on the doozy below and have a listen! It’s only ten minutes long, and you owe yourself a short break from whatever you’re doing.

Love ‘n’ shit,


*actual hilarity may vary wildly

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