>Today’s New Band – Teenage Bad Girl

>What is it about French dance music that makes it so distinctive? No-one does ‘funky’ in dance music like the French – perhaps it’s all the fine food, fine wine and fine weather they have there. It’s hard to imagine a band as sullen as Joy Division emerging from a country where you can visit the Loire Valley for a smashing sunshine top-up. On the other hand, when you hear the songs that today’s new band Teenage Bad Girl make, it’s easy to understand that they haven’t felt the crushing despair of living in Macclesfield like Ian Curtis. They just want to Have A Good Time All The Time.

Listen to virtually any ‘bangin’ tune’ on their Myspace page www.myspace.com/teenagebadgirl and it’s hard to do anything other than form a ‘T’ shape with your arms and shamefully scream”CHOOOON!”. Like all the great French dance music, it’s got all the elements of crappy 70’s funk music and made it awesome.

So it might sound like other French music. So what? French dance is so far ahead in terms of fun than most attempts at electronic music, it’s silly.

—Don’t forget, ANBAD is running a reduced service this week, due to being on holiday and eating a lot of dried cod in Portugal. Full service as per usual next week—

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