>Today’s New Band – LA PRIEST

>You know, animals must feel a bit sore when it comes to their representation in music. I mean, they haven’t all been badThe Cure‘s Love Cats paints them in a positive light, surely. Tim Westwood goes by the modest pseudonym of The Big Dog, and what else would dogs – the dumb, eager, energetic fools – like more than to be ‘bigged up’ by the Westweezy himself?

But mostly, they haven’t been able to really express themselves at all. Until now. Today’s new band LA PRIEST has a song devoted purely to a cat’s warbling. 200 Meaiouws – available to download FOR FREE! on his MySpace page www.myspace.com/samueldust – is not only an fantastically mentalist feline-based electro-funk bounce-along, but the title also contains every vowel, possibly making LA PRIEST the most feared Countdown player in dance music today.

You may well have heard his other tracks, Engine or Swing Youth. I thought that I had. Either way, the songs sound immediately recognisable – a great thing – and have the canny knack of blurring the line between computerised structure and organic floppiness.

According to Wikipedia, LA PRIEST is pronounced ‘La Priest’ as opposed to ‘LA Priest’, so the opposite is probably true. Let me know what you think of him!

*apologies for no picture of LA PRIEST – awful technical problems today – EDIT: now solved. Damn you, Blogger*

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