>Today’s New Band – Coprophagia

>Ah, Shock Rock. Where would we be without you? Your combination of ‘controversial’ subject matter and RAWK make you a partially welcome addition to the rock ‘n’ roll .

Similarly, Thrash Metal – the most misunderstood of the myriad of Metal sub-genres. Those who deride it see its exponents as Kerrr-ayzeee lunatics who happen to have a bunch of guitars and a love for CHUGGA-CHUGGA-CHUGGA guitar sounds.

So who would be brave enough to combine both of these under appreciated facets of rock? Bid welcome to today’s new band are Coprophagia. The act of coprophagia itself is the worst thing you can imagine doing, and then after you’ve done it, going and doing the second worse thing you can imagine doing. If you’re still not sure what Coprophagia is, have a quick wander over to Wikipedia and back, here.

Coprophagia the band are Japanese, crazy and heavy. Very heavy. They must either have a wonderful sense of humour, or be actually deranged. The songs available to listen to on their Myspace page www.myspace.com/coprophagia666 are called:

  1. Coprophagia (of course)
  2. Lost of Anal Virgin
  3. Final Enema Attack – and finally, possibly the greatest name for a song of all time:
  4. Boost Up Anal Vomit.

For these reasons, and these reasons alone, you should visit their site. Enjoy.

Thanks to reader Scatman Jamie for suggesting Coprophagia as today’s band. If you know a band that would be good for us to listen to and put on the site, send us an email at the link on the right! We’ll listen to every band you suggest.

NOTE: A New Band A Day will be running on a slightly educed schedule next week, as we’re on holiday. But everything we’ll be back to normal after that. And for those of you waiting for the next ANBAD radio show – fear not, it will follow at the end of next week.

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