>New Writers Wanted!

>Calling all writers!

A New Band A Day is a bit of a bedroom operation, run by one slightly exhausted writer! As ANBAD has expanded, so have the writing duties. And shortly, ANBAD will relaunch – mutating, and growing a whole host of new features, and an even bigger and better focus on brand new music than ever before! But: it’s too much for one mortal human mind to manage all alone.

As such, there’s now a great opportunity for aspiring music writers! I’m on the look-out for bright, sharp and exciting writers who have verve, style and a real zeal for new bands, new music and music writing. I really want to hear about local music scenes from all over the world, to help give more new bands a chance to get their music heard.

The one thing I don’t have is money. The ads on ANBAD pay for a small part of my running costs, and that’s it. The site is run for the love of music, that’s all.

Thus, don’t expect monetary compensation – but do expect a leg-up into music writing, occasional free music and gig tickets, writing advice, and – most importantly of all – an outlet for your writing on the bands you love.

So if you’re interested, email contributors@anewbandaday.com for more info…

Joe Sparrow // ANBAD // December 2009

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